Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Here's a sample from her studio:

Monday, June 29, 2009

Jewelry is Dangerous!

My fellow crafters, I must admit weakness. I fell almost completely apart under the weight of my daily promotion duties when I added one more chore - columnist for HMN News. Because my chosen department is not one in which I am expert, to say the least, extensive research is needed for each of my columns. That, a chance for an exclusive jewelry show,and remodeling my studio (which has major problems since the change to fusion squared off pix, and was in the process of being reorganized already) and daily guild blogs (which I haven't managed for a couple months at least) and Crazy Train blogs on every other day and Forum responses and Sneakers Tuesday did me in. All this should be manageable, some of you may say, since I'm not working, but I have the job search and actually enjoying my hobby as well. I'm still learning most of these thngs, so they are time intensive. I simply couldn't do it. And it depressed me that I couldn't. I don't want to give up any of these things, but I just must cut back.

I'll blog once or twice a week on each blog. That means that I will promote the crazy train rider in the Forums and on Facebook and Twitter through Plurk. At the end of the week, whichever day it ends up falling on, I will do a quick introduction of each Crazy Train rider for the week on my blog. I will continue to do RSS feeds for them. Not sure if it will be daily or weekly.

I will continue my research for HMN and my columns, especially now that the output requirements have been changed. I will spend a minimal time in the forums and almost no time on Plurk or Twitter or other venues until I establish a routine that is comfortable. I hope you will forgive my inattentiveness in the past and until then.

Thank you very much to those of you who sought me out on various venues to find out how I was doing. It was appreciated.

I'll see you sometime next week!


Monday, June 8, 2009

Next stop, Wyredonwire!

Happy Monday, everyone! Ok, ok, Have a Monday with minimum frustrations. Mondays are hard on all of us, even those of us without 9-5 jobs!

Remember to stop into Green Wise and get ideas about our planet's health. Amy Deutsch has a new column, A Greener Recovery. Read about it here. My last column about cleaning dishes without detergent is still there.

Be sure to catch the spotlight on two West Coast Crafter guild members on my other blog, www.alisuns.blogspot.com. Stop by!

ArtFire Jewelry Designer and Supply Shop guild is having a giveaway this week. Check the link for details.

Today the Crazy Train is visiting Wyredonwire.

The studio introduction is, "Thank You for stopping by. I am just opening so I will be adding new products for you regularly. If you would like to see more of what I offer please check out my shop over at etsy http://wyredonwire.etsy.com where you can also see that I do have a 100% customer feedback! If you have any questions please send me a message."

And the artisan's bio is, "****ARTIST STATEMENT*****
My jewelry is a mirror. Not only does it show the reflection of myself,but also of you and your personality. I am compelled by a love triangle. My need for a creative venue, the need for beautiful objects to be manipulated and your need to be beautifully adorned.

"I most frequently work with Sterling silver, Gold filled, Copper, Brass, Leather,Gemstone, Swarovski Crystal, Pearls. However any medium that inspires my imagination to transpire can be found in my designs.

"I have been creating jewelry in some form or another since I was a small child. In the past 8 years is when I became serious about it and started to sell my jewelry.

"I also sell on etsy http://wyredonwire.etsy.com"

So stop by this interesting studio and then come back and leave the artist a message. I give randomly give away a set of earrings or a bracelet to one commenter each month. Enjoy your day!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Next stop, RockyCreekGems

I've known Rocky ever since I joined ArtFire and started going to the forums. One weekend she was going to two towns near her that sounded awfully familiar and I thought I might get a chance to meet her. I was thinking Elgin Illinois, she's in Elgin, TX. *sigh*

This talented artist does it all, but she features some of her jewelry offerings in this studio:

"Welcome to Rocky Creek Gems and Gifts! Thanks for stopping by! I hope you will enjoy your visit and will return often.

"This shop abides by the voluntary Code of Ethics:

" I pledge that everything in my shop is hand-crafted; is either my own design, or I have legal permission to use it. I pledge to provide my customers with the highest quality product I'm capable of producing; to treat my customers courteously; to provide them with excellent service; and to conduct my business in an ethical and socially responsible manner."

About herself, "Rocky Creek Gems and Gifts is named for the little creek that runs through the 86 acres of our family property just outside La Grange, Texas.

"I have been making things for as long as I can remember. I'm not a "single-craft" person! I enjoy working with gemstones, beadwork, knitting, crocheting, quilting, sewing, embroidery--you name it! As a former middle school science teacher, I particularly love making use of unusual items.

"I am the author of two wildcrafting booklets available through Texas Parks."

I hope you enjoyed your stop in RockyCreekGems. Remember to leave a comment for her.

Rocky Creek Gems

Kraftouch Treasures is our next stop!

KraftouchTreasures is a talented jewelry maker and otherwise crafter.

About her studio she says,
"Aloha, welcome to Kraftouch Treasures ....FREE SHIPPING for US orders on our LEI products

"Memorial Day Sale take 25% OFF Everything in the Store.
"This is the collaborative crafts of my mother and me. I create the jewelry and she makes the lei.
Sitting infront of my beading table looking at the bare wires and beads, and coming up with a creative idea of a wearable art and seeing the finish product, is such an exhilarating feeling, the sense of completion deep within just wipe away the stress of the day. Just as much I found my 'haven of rest' in designing jewelry, I hope that you will enjoy and cherish wearing my 'work of art.'
"Designing is something I always crave to do. From drafting board to beadboard, my passion for crafting and jewelry making is such a treasure I hold close to my heart because it allowed me to enjoy the wonderful growing years of my two girls, that's how I came up with my company's name 'Kraftouch Treasures.'
"What you see here is exactly what we will send to your door.
"Please enjoy your time with us, thank you for stopping by. Visit us often as we update our products everytime.
"Mahalo Nui Loa."

About the artisan:

"From the busy world of architecture to jewelrymaking, Aloha, I am a mother of two bubbly 'wahine' 12 and 10 and my mom 'Nana Puring' is a retired teacher. I am a self taught jewelry designer. I learned every techniques and design by browsing through books and magazines and practically doing it all by myself, while my mom I would say is a gifted crafter in crocheting.

"I was also an instructor/demonstrator at OLELO TV with Carole Mitos show -Hawaii's Hobbies and Crafts, a volunteer work I did for 6 months, that had allowed me to explore the world outside the 4 corners of my home studio. I have worked with Craft Supplies of Honolulu and Ben Franklin Crafts. I have taught jewelry classes at Ben Franklin for almost a year and looking forward to meet a bunch of my eager friends and student early next year 2009.

"I have truly found the simple pleasures of life and enjoyed making jewelry away from the complicated demands of the construction world which I have given up to attend to the needs of my two girls. From drafting board to beadboard, my passion for crafting and jewelry making is such a treasure I hold close to my heart because it allowed me to enjoy the wonderful growing years of my two girls, that's how I came up with my company's name "Kraftouch Treasures".

"Jewelry making and crafting are my 'haven of rest', keep me all alive from all the challenges in life.

"A portion of the sales will go to the "Amazing Grace" a youth organization of Saint John the Baptist-Honolulu headed by Ms.Arlene Domondon, which aim in fostering awareness to our younger generations the needs of the less fortunate here in Honolulu by giving food to the homeless people at the Kakaako Shelter at least twice a year.

"Visit me at my blog to learn more about me and my crafts: kraftouchtreasures.blogspot.com
Please check also have my other store at:
Hope you enjoyed your stay in the town of NinjaJenn. Be sure to leave her a comment.

Kraftouch Treasures

Next stop, Grahtoestudio!

Grahtoestudio was a new stop for me, and I love the Crazy Train for introducing me to it.
The studio is introduced thusly:

"Hi! Welcome to Grah~Toe studio
Step away from chain stores and get something genuinely unique!


"We make OOAK items out of antler,wood,beads,stone,and pottery.

"**We do custom work as well,including personalized walking sticks(staffs),engraving on the hair sticks and more!

**We ship international! If you do not see your area, Send a message and we can give you the amount on anything!***

"Feel free to check our etsy shop if you would like to see our great feedback from previous transactions.

"We also have a shop at grahtoestudio.etsy.com

"Feel free to contact us about anything! Thanks for stopping by!
Stacy and Kim "

About the artisans:

"We are a husband and wife team. We have both dreamed of doing our art full time and are on our way! We love to have new projects and welcome custom requests!

"We work in wood,stone,clay,metal,antler and beaded jewelry.

"Our studio got its name from a traveling experience..we drove from Florida to the west coast..the rock formations are amazing, some of which are called grottos..as christians,we believe that our artistic talents are a gift from God that we are grateful for all the way down to our toes! As we traveled and marveled we tossed these concepts around ,along with the amazing earth the Lord has given us to enjoy and we decided to call our studio Grah(from grateful) Toe( to our toes) ! So Inspired Creations from Grah-Toe Studio!

"Thank you for shopping with Grah-Toe Studio.
"Stacy and Kim

"see our shop at www.grahtoestudio.etsy.com too!"

Hope you enjoyed your stay in the town of Grahtoestudio. Be sure to leave them a comment.


This stop, NinjaJenn!

Many of you know NinjaJenn from the many tips, tricks, and troubleshooting posts in the forums. She's an amazingly responsive artist and I've purchased from her shop more than once. Because she didn't have enough to do helping us with our studios, running her studios and her blogs, she became an editor of HandMade News. Be sure to stop and visit her columnists.

"***BUY ANY TWO ITEMS AND GET ONE SCRABBLE TILE ITEM FREE! (excludes custom scrabble tiles) Please note which item you would like free in a message to seller upon checkout***

"* Handmade jewelry using recycled/upcycled materials *

"Hi! Welcome to my shop! The things you will find here have all been made with love and great attention in my home in North Carolina. I love trying new things, and I welcome any and all constructive feedback! I hope you find something here that you will love as much as I loved making it...

"*** Each item I make comes in a hand embellished gift box! ***

"*** I am happy to ship internationally! Shipping costs for each country are shown at the bottom of each listing.

"*** Please feel free to contact me with any questions, or if you would like a custom order! ***

"*** I try to make each of my customers happy. Please be aware that there may be minor imperfections due to the handmade nature of my jewelry. HOWEVER, if you aren't satisfied, please feel free to return it and I will do all I can to make you happy! *"

About herself, Jenn says, "Hi there!

"My name is Jenn and I am from North Carolina. I have been a crafter and all-around dabbler for most of my life.

"I started out painting, tried my hand at sculpting, fell in love with sewing, and am currently enamored with resin and decoupage.

"The things you find in my shop will probably end up being as varied and random as I tend to be.

"I will try to stick with one "love" at a time... but I make you no promises ;0)"

Hope yo enjoyed your stay in the town of NinjaJenn. Be sure to leave her a comment.

Ninja Jenn

This past week on the Crazy Train!

Happy Weekend, everyone!

Remember to stop into Green Wise and get ideas about our planet's health. I've got a new column about detergent-free dishwashing. Read about it here. Be sure to catch the spotlight on two West Coast Crafter guild members on my other blog, www.alisuns.blogspot.com. Stop by! Studioonthehill was the ArtFire Jewelry Designer and Supply Shop guild artisan of the week. The place is very addicting, so beware!

The stops this week on the crazy train were:

Ninja Jenn


Kraftouch Treasures

Rocky Creek Gems

Click on their names to go to my blog about their studios.

Take a stroll through each studio and see the wide variety of beautiful items each artisan offers. Enjoy your Saturday, and don't forget to leave a comment for our artisan. You could be June's giveaway winner.

Every month I give away a pair of earrings or custom-length bracelet to a randomly picked commenter. Have fun!