Monday, June 29, 2009

Jewelry is Dangerous!

My fellow crafters, I must admit weakness. I fell almost completely apart under the weight of my daily promotion duties when I added one more chore - columnist for HMN News. Because my chosen department is not one in which I am expert, to say the least, extensive research is needed for each of my columns. That, a chance for an exclusive jewelry show,and remodeling my studio (which has major problems since the change to fusion squared off pix, and was in the process of being reorganized already) and daily guild blogs (which I haven't managed for a couple months at least) and Crazy Train blogs on every other day and Forum responses and Sneakers Tuesday did me in. All this should be manageable, some of you may say, since I'm not working, but I have the job search and actually enjoying my hobby as well. I'm still learning most of these thngs, so they are time intensive. I simply couldn't do it. And it depressed me that I couldn't. I don't want to give up any of these things, but I just must cut back.

I'll blog once or twice a week on each blog. That means that I will promote the crazy train rider in the Forums and on Facebook and Twitter through Plurk. At the end of the week, whichever day it ends up falling on, I will do a quick introduction of each Crazy Train rider for the week on my blog. I will continue to do RSS feeds for them. Not sure if it will be daily or weekly.

I will continue my research for HMN and my columns, especially now that the output requirements have been changed. I will spend a minimal time in the forums and almost no time on Plurk or Twitter or other venues until I establish a routine that is comfortable. I hope you will forgive my inattentiveness in the past and until then.

Thank you very much to those of you who sought me out on various venues to find out how I was doing. It was appreciated.

I'll see you sometime next week!


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