Monday, June 8, 2009

Next stop, Wyredonwire!

Happy Monday, everyone! Ok, ok, Have a Monday with minimum frustrations. Mondays are hard on all of us, even those of us without 9-5 jobs!

Remember to stop into Green Wise and get ideas about our planet's health. Amy Deutsch has a new column, A Greener Recovery. Read about it here. My last column about cleaning dishes without detergent is still there.

Be sure to catch the spotlight on two West Coast Crafter guild members on my other blog, Stop by!

ArtFire Jewelry Designer and Supply Shop guild is having a giveaway this week. Check the link for details.

Today the Crazy Train is visiting Wyredonwire.

The studio introduction is, "Thank You for stopping by. I am just opening so I will be adding new products for you regularly. If you would like to see more of what I offer please check out my shop over at etsy where you can also see that I do have a 100% customer feedback! If you have any questions please send me a message."

And the artisan's bio is, "****ARTIST STATEMENT*****
My jewelry is a mirror. Not only does it show the reflection of myself,but also of you and your personality. I am compelled by a love triangle. My need for a creative venue, the need for beautiful objects to be manipulated and your need to be beautifully adorned.

"I most frequently work with Sterling silver, Gold filled, Copper, Brass, Leather,Gemstone, Swarovski Crystal, Pearls. However any medium that inspires my imagination to transpire can be found in my designs.

"I have been creating jewelry in some form or another since I was a small child. In the past 8 years is when I became serious about it and started to sell my jewelry.

"I also sell on etsy"

So stop by this interesting studio and then come back and leave the artist a message. I give randomly give away a set of earrings or a bracelet to one commenter each month. Enjoy your day!

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