Friday, May 1, 2009

LaDeDaCreations: City of the 60s!

LaDeDaCreations is a friend of mine on ArtFire. She is almost the first person who helped me to find my way through the myriad aspects of ArtFire selling. I'm not completely comfortable with my studio yet, but she has helped me a lot! She also does poster art with her partner in crime, DeDe, and is always upbeat.

Here's to you, Laura!

Glow-in-the dark incense burner of polymer clay.

Of her studio she says, "I SHIP ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD!!!

If you're looking for items that are GROOVY, FUN, CRAZY, or just plain cute you've come to the right place! My creations are a lot like I am, very whimsical and sometimes a little weird.
If you live locally come check out Laura's Garden Spa. My husband Tony and I have had the spa for 5 1/2 years now and we have a lot of fun there! I also have more of my creations in our gift shop.

If you'd like to know more about me go to my myspace page. Just copy and paste this link in your browser...

You can also see more of my creations at

Be sure to check out this blog..."

Polymer clay pendant. You might beg her to make you one. This one is MINE!

Of herself, "My name is Laura, I'm 38 and have recently fell in love again with making jewelry and other clay and wire crafts.
My husband Tony and I own a day spa in Catoosa, Ok. named Laura's Garden Spa. I sell my crafts there but wanted to branch out more.
If you are ever traveling historic route 66 be sure to stop in and see us. Or you can visit our website "

Laura also hand knots hemp bracelets and anklets, makes earrings and necklaces, and spends an amazing amount of time boosting our morale! Enjoy your stroll through time in her studio and be sure to comment about what you like best. You could be the May Giveaway winner!

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