Thursday, April 9, 2009

All Aboard for PicardCreative!

PicardCreative is the studio of the original author of the Crazy Train. Only Picard would put this into action. She's a seasoned hand made seller with a brick and mortar store in which she sells her own art and that of others.

She has a wicked sense of humor and thought that putting us all to work for her was a great idea, even though she knew how much work she was going to have to do to make it successful. She and Amy, yesterday's stopover, are doing all of the bookkeeping: who will be featured next (since it was first come, first served), that they are indeed verified ArtFire sellers, and that we each get the train to stop at our studio.

Picard sells magnets. She uses vintage images (she even has Lindy music on her site), and interprets the message of the image. She has no quarter for whiners, being a single mom with a business, and she will go out of her way to help someone if she has the answers. Can you tell I like her? And that I'm finally over my head cold?

Let's be quiet and see what she has to say about her studio and herself:

"Why buy a greeting card that will just get tossed in a drawer and forgotten? buy your friends a piece of art that they will use and treasure.

great for all occasions. birthdays, congratulations, cheer up, divorce, or just because.

everybody loves and needs magnets. mine are silly, sarcastic, artistic and in some cases- downright rude.

Visit my blog at

If you have any questions- please feel free to contact me."

"I am a mom of a teenage boy-(he is the love of my life) I live with him, my boyfriend (sometimes, when I like him) and my 2 crazy cats- Oreo and Lilly.

I own a brick and mortar shop called "The Cats Meow" it is a super cool shop which features many, many handmade items.

I am also a graphic designer and altered art/collage artist. My goal is to transition into being more of an artist/creator of fun things- I love my store, yet business is not so hot right now- so I need mulitiple streams of income. Plus, I am so creative and hyper that I cannot just sit in the shop all day doing nothing! lol

My greatest hope is that you find a smile or 2 in my shop and choose to purchase my items to share a laugh or smile."

Picard's slogan is "Good for the planet. Good for the soul." because she makes her magnets out of recycled tin can lids. You know, the kind that result from that can opener that cuts the cylinder of the can, not the lid. She'll even do custom orders. I've pictured 5 of her magnets because they are always buy 4 get one free. And everyone on earth has something to say in her studio, except Mona:

check out my websites!

Remember to please follow this blog, and come back and let me know what you like the most of her offerings.

Here's why: At the end of the month I'll randomly select one of the persons who has posted a favorite item to win a pair of sterling silver and pewter earrings or sterling plated made-to-order bracelet with a cute little pewter charm.

Have fun today and don't forget to check out the guild members in my other

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