Friday, April 3, 2009

All aboard! This Crazy Train is pullin out!

Crazy name for a blog, huh? Well, one of my ArtFire buds named it, so don't blame me! We are all trying to find ways to let you know who we are so that when you want to find us you can. This week I will introduce you to four other ArtFire Artists that you may not have seen in your search for handmade items. The first, Lynne, of Pirate Pixie Crew, is a well-established handmade artisan and I guarantee you will enjoy strolling through her studio. The Pirate Pixie Crew is made up of ... you! ... you can read all about the crew's voyage on her website. You can find her wares on ArtFire and Coriandr.

To join the crew, simply snatch one of these adorable wearable items from her studio or website:

Choose from, adult hats, baby and toddler hats, bags, purses and wristlets, children’s hats, neck wear, gloves, mittens, and hand warmers, hair accessories, and leg warmers.

Here are my favorites: one for me

And one for the babies:

Once you've strolled through the websites and the ArtFire studio, please follow this blog, and come back and let me know what you like the most, where you found it, and why of Lynne's offerings.

Here's why: At the end of the month (we're 3 days short, so you can't get better odds even in February) I'll randomly select one of the persons who has posted a favorite item to win a pair of sterling silver and pewter earrings or sterling plated made-to-order bracelet with a cute little pewter charm.

Have fun!


  1. I love Lynne's things, her workmanship is wonderful. Her imagination is so fun. I went to her website that she started for parents and children to enjoy. She has the cutest little dog you can print out and color. I can't see what she comes up with next.

  2. Great post! I have wandered through the shop before and am constantly blown away by the stuff out there! I look forward to the next post!